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Archery Training

South Cork Field Archers implement a 17 point Field Archery training schedule as provided by I.F.A.F, the Irish Field Archery Federation. This training plan usually takes 6 sessions to complete but can vary depending on experience.

All training and instruction is carried out by our trainers who are experienced at working with complete beginners as well as archers who have already tried the sport but are looking to hone their skills.

Training costs: €60 (Including initial club membership)

Annual membership fees of South Cork Field Archers:

• Adult: €50 • Junior: €25 •  

Membership fees of I.F.A.F (Incl. insurance)

• Adult (17+): Annual: €35 / Half year: €17

• Junior (13-16) / Cub (9-12) / Beaver (Under 8): Annual: €20 / Half year: €10

Family: Annual: €70 / Half year: €35




For further information on training, contact: 

David Lester: 087 6687696

Ken Kennedy: 086 3862486

Dirk Herberich: 085 143 8982






South Cork Field Archers